Brief info

The overall aim of the project is fostering national networking and cooperation among universities and all other stakeholders by establishing the rectors conference in accordance with national development strategies. Specific objectives:
• SO1.Evaluate the existing situation on networking, communication and cooperation among universities, MoE and other stakeholders through collected data and in-depth analysis of legislative documents regarding the topic consideration the main existing constrains.
• SO2. Establishment of Azerbaijan Rectors Conference with the direct participation of the Ministry of Education for the improvement of the education system in the republic.
• SO3. Revision of the regulation of the council of rectors and Defining the organizational structure, working principles, objectives and mission of the CAUR based on best EU practice.
• SO4 Establishment of the electronic Newsletter of CAUR for uniting all possible parties into a single information platform.
• SO5 Build the capacities of universities in the partner universities through chain trainings for successful and effective management of the Conference activities and working group missions.

Rectors conference

Rectors conference will be established in Azerbaijan which will unify the HEIs

Working groups

5 working groups will be created within rectors conference: Teaching and learning, Internationalization, University industry cooperation, Student alumni affairs, Science.

Platform for cooperation communicational and networking

Annual journal of the conference will be the main platform for sharing know how

Capacity building

More than 200 top level managers will be trained about cooperation and networking and trends in HEIs



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