WP 5. Dissemination and Exploitation: Dissemination of Conference activities.

One of the main issues regarding the networking of national universities is the lack of platform where universities are available to share their achievements, experiences, also to discuss the issues related to Higher education of Azerbaijan.  Therefor it is important to establish the electronic Newsletter of the conference which will help for Improving communication and common understanding among the stakeholders of HEIs, Uniting into a single information platform all possible parties, Collecting information in a way, that all participants could have a voice in a Newsletter, Informing what is in focus at the national and international level, Identifying the main needs in HE.

5.1. Establishment of conference website .

5.2. Setting up editorial board for conference.

5.3. Study visit to Brussels EFMD to learn best experience about managing educational magazine.

5.4. Publishing the first issue of the newsletter.