I Background and introduction

The ECAR project is launching a call for an external evaluator.  The project “Establishment of Rectors Conference in Azerbaijan” (ECAR) was launched in January 2021 will last till 2024 January. The overall aim of the project is to foster national networking and cooperation among universities and all other stakeholders by establishing the rectors’ conference in accordance with national development strategies.

The project’s specific objectives are:

Evaluate the existing situation on networking, communication, and cooperation among universities, MoE, and other stakeholders through collected data and in-depth analysis of legislative documents regarding the topic consideration the main existing constraints.

Establishment of Azerbaijan Rectors‘ Conference for the improvement of the education system in the republic.

Revision of the regulation of the council of rectors and defining the organizational structure, working principles, objectives, and mission of the Azerbaijan Rectors‘ Conference based on best EU practice.

Establishment of the electronic Newsletter of Azerbaijan Rectors‘ Conference for uniting all possible parties into a single information platform.

Build the capacities of universities in the partner universities through chain training for successful and effective management of the Azerbaijan Rectors‘ Conference activities and working group missions.

In the framework of the project Work Package 6 Quality Control and Monitoring an external evaluator will be selected, based on this open call, to monitor and evaluate the project.

II The objective of the external evaluation:

To measure the grade of success of the project against the formulated specific objectives and indicators, so to:

  • operate in an efficient and timely manner
  • collaborate with the internal project Quality Board, Project Manager, Quality Manager.
  • participate in selected activities provided by the project, i.e. management meetings, conferences, etc.
  • identify problems/hurdles and propose related recommendations
  • offer a consultative role to support in the strategic-decision making during and after project lifetime, if requested by the Project management committee

III Tasks:

The task of the external evaluation is to monitor, assess and evaluate the implementation of the project in order to:

  • ensure the quality and effectiveness of actions undertaken by ECAR partners as part of this project
  • assess the efficacy of this project with respect to its stated objectives
  • assess the quality of activities undertaken within ECAR WPs
  • produce external quality reports analyzing data collected autonomously to compare/integrate these results with internal/external Quality Control and Monitoring results. Reports should consider all aspects analyzed in the internal Quality Framework Handbook. Data should be autonomously collected for each of the objectives mentioned in the Quality Framework Handbook.
  • develop the results of the external evaluation, propose methods and recommendations, and clearly communicate this both internally and externally.

The working language will be English.

IV Suggested outline action plan for external evaluation

Phase I

  • Desk review of relevant project materials, reports, meetings, and work plan.
  • Collect further data autonomously (i.e interviews etc…)
  • Produce an interim report (20th month from the start date of the project) to highlight deviations from the main objectives and provide recommendations and remedies to orientate future actions.

Phase II

  • Desk review of relevant project materials, reports, meetings, and work plan
  • Collect further data autonomously (i.e interviews etc…)
  • Preparation of a final report, by January 2024, providing evidence of overall compliance with the set objectives and summarizing results and the best practices developed during implementation.

V Timeline

The timeline for the performance of the external evaluation covers the period from 1st January 2022 until 30th January 2024, including the submission of the final report.

VI Remuneration/Fee

The external evaluator will benefit from a maximum amount of 12 000 € tax included. to cover the duration of ECAR Erasmus + project external evaluation and to fulfill the required objectives and outputs. A budget should be amended to the call answer with a daily rate. Travel and accommodation expenses should be included in this overall amount.

VII Application Process

Please send your signed and scanned application before 7th February 2022 to, using the application form below, including in annex your CV.

The subject of the e-mail should mention the following reference: ECAR External Evaluation.

Applicants will receive an acknowledgment of the receipt of their application by the project coordinator. The selection of the external evaluator will be made by the members of the Project management committee. The selected external evaluator will be contacted by the project coordinator by 12th December 2022 at the latest.

Applications will be scored and ranked according to the following criteria:

  • previous competence in EU-funded project evaluation (50%)
  • experience in EU-funded project management (10%)
  • experience in international cooperation (20%)
  • motivation (20%).

Applications from nationals of any European country will be accepted.

Application Form ECAR